The connection--or separation--of mind and body has long been a contentious subject of study by scientists, psychologists, and philosophers.
In The Law of Attraction and Islam, Al-Ateeqi examines the law of attraction and the role of external forces in shaping one's behavior. He points out the psychological mechanisms by which the media, for example, has been trying to influence our thinking, in the process giving us the same means by which to wrestle back control of our own minds and, ultimately, of our lives.
He provides a way to affect positive change in our lives with minimal physical and mental strain. This is done meaningfully in a short span of time by not only changing the way we think, but actually using the very words we use to describe ourselves and everything around us to help shape our lives.
Being a Muslim, Abdulaziz sees uncanny resemblance between the law of attraction and some teachings of Islam, prompting him to add Quranic and Hadith sections to the book for those who seek them.

"Al-Ateeqi's book is refreshingly original" Kirkus Reviews

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"Al-Ateeqi's book is refreshingly original"Kirkus Reviews