HD Map of Mecca At The Dawn Of Islam


This is the first ever geographically detailed map of Makkah as it was during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)! After nearly a decade of work on a comprehensive and contextual Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) I was frustrated with the lack of any real and clear reference, Map or otherwise of Mecca at the dawn of Islam. The oldest sources are extremely difficult to "decode" even for native Arabic speakers for a plethora of reasons beyond the scope of this description.

Due to the mega projects that have been constructed to help support the large numbers of Pilgrims that go for Hajj, the historic geography of the area has become partially lost and mostly invisible. To that end this work had to merge modern maps with several old maps. They include Ottoman maps, Soviet Union Military maps, the Great Britain Naval Intelligence Division 1946 Map of Mecca, the Dutch (Netherlands) C. Snouck Hurgronje 1885 Map of Mecca and several other old Mecca illustrations. It also involved several on site trips. Of more consequence with respect to the locations of key homes, mountain names, and city layout the primary sources were very early Islamic scholars who lived in Mecca and wrote detailed descriptions of who lived where and with detailed descriptions of their locations. These sources include the book History of Mekka by Al-Azraqi who passed away in approximately 250AH (864AD) and contains text originally written in 126AH (743AD) which indicates that the book was his fulfillment and expansion of earlier work by his grandfather Abu Al-Waleed. A second key record is the book The News of Mekka by Al-Fakihi who passed away in 279AH (892AD). Another important source is the book Shifa Al-Gharam which is also a history of Mekka by Al-Fasi who passed away in 832AH (1428AD). Credit is also due to the Dar Al-Medina Museum, and its kind and generous manager Mr. Hassan Tahir for providing a general initial understanding of early Mekka. Their hospitality provided unhindered access to their museum which was very supportive and helpful. I also benefited from the works of Dr Nasser Al-Zahrani.

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