Binimad, is Lt Col Abdulaziz Imad Al-Ateeqi from Kuwait. He graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Great Britain, in 2001 followed by numerous leadership courses in both the UK and the US. He holds a bachelors degree in Media and Communications from the American University of Kuwait.



I am a Muslim author researching history, and various sciences from an Islamic perspective. Other than writing, my main hobbies are reading, running, and traveling.  I am also a small real estate investor and believe that with the right business ethics and proper use of charity strategies even a small number of people can resolve poverty, illiteracy and various other social issues.

My Highschool was Palm Beach Gardens Highschool, Florida, (USA), and University was at The Amercian University of Kuwait.  

My book The Law of Attraction and Islam, A Guide For Positive Change, was published in March of 2017 and I am currently working on various other books. My next books which (God willing) should be released in 2018, will be Quran Math Miracles, An Undeniable Miraculous Code, and Volume One of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), A Comprehensive and Contextual Biography, which I have been actively researching and writing for nearly a decade. I should also be soon publishing a biography of Sheikh Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Ateeqi, who pioneered modern education in the Arabian Peninsula after the end of the Ottoman Empire.

My two major works in Progress are:

  1. Makkah at The Time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) (2019 insha-Allah)
  2. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), A More Comprehensive and Contextual Biography. (Vol 1 in 2020 Insha-Allah)
  3. From Quantum Physics to The Flood, Creation in Science and Islam. 

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